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Custom-built control panels for your electrical systems

We offer a wide range of electrical services for large industrial enterprises!

From the fabrication of a simple field junction box to a complex motor control system for your manufacturing facility, Occident Eures Europa can assist you with your industrial control panel manufacturing and installation needs.

Control panels are control systems that help to run plant machinery efficiently. We can also build electrical drawings, and provide complete electrical and maintenance services throughout Europe and all other parts of the world.

Occident Eures Europa can design and install custom-made control panels for industrial and commercial applications. Our engineers can visit your site, evaluate the needs of your facility and develop cost-effective panels to help you run your machinery efficiently.
Old breakers and panels are not well built to meet the electrical needs of modern equipment, which can lead to serious problems. Call Occident Eures Europa to upgrade your existing electrical systems and create a safer environment for you to work in. Based in Satu Mare Romania, we serve both local and international clients around the world.

Our design process

Industrial Control Panels are used for a wide range of applications in many different industries including healthcare, retail and education. From large industrial panels used by global technology companies, to small panels for the smaller control panel manufacturers, we offer customized Control Panels for every need. 

We can work on Control Panel drawings and materials supplied by you or provide materials to suit your exact requirements. Our robust industrial control panel design process ensures that your system specifications are identified ahead of time, lowering costly and time-consuming mistakes.

Occident Eures Europa

Control Panels According to Your Electrical requirements

As an accredited control panel manufacturer of electrical components (contactors, relays, starters, motors, soft starters, pushbuttons), Occident Eures Europa designs and produces control panels including the electrical parts that our customers prefer to work with.

At Occident Eures Europa, we work with your standards. Whether it’s Schneider, ABB, Omron or electrical parts from any other brand, we’re used to dealing with the most famous brands and we can recommend those that better suit your application and your budget.

At Occident Eures Europa, let us assist you in designing the most cost-efficient control panel for your electrical needs.
Our vast experience in the electrical industry enables us to manufacture control panels of different sizes, according to your specific budget while always offering the highest quality standards. 

Qualified Professional

What We Do

Control Panels

We design and build bespoke control panels for large-scale and small-scale industrial enterprises

Electrical Installation & Lighting

We design and install all types of electrical systems including cabling & lighting systems for a wide range of environments

Electrical Drawings & Design

We offer bespoke electrical design, build and installation service

Switchgear & Substation Systems

We offer upgrades to switchgear and safety systems to enhance network performance and durability

Electrical Cable Installation

We provide cable installation services for all types of projects around the world

Machinery Wiring & Upgrades

We offer performance and productivity improvements with wiring upgrades for all types of industrial and commercial projects

Inspection & Testing

We offer complete inspection, testing and maintenance services

Specialist Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers

For many years we have specialized in supplying, installing and maintaining electrical and energy-saving solutions for retail, commercial and industrial customers throughout Europe and worldwide.

We are accredited, fully compliant and up to speed on all the latest legislation in our sector. Whatever the complexity of your project, we have a wealth of expertise in the designing, manufacturing and installations of all types of electrical engineering and contracting projects, as well as delivering sound guidance, practical suggestions and extremely competitive quotes.
We only use high-quality components from trusted and reliable suppliers and designers. Our team of skilled control panel technicians can manage just about any size or type of customized control panel specifications, from design concept to final commissioning across a wide variety of industries and applications.

Our custom control panel design services involve an in-depth evaluation of your specifications and needs to ensure you receive a solution with the required level of functionality and durability. When designing a custom control panel, we take into account every detail, including the install environment, heat calculations, electrical requirements and any existing controls equipment.
Adding value to the process, Occident Eures Europa will partner with you in the design, build, test and certification of your industrial automation controls and systems, thus, keeping you in the loop at all times.
As Europe-based control panel producers, we have been around for several years and, during that period, our design process has been continuously enhanced and optimized to provide our customers with the best control panels to suit their requirements.

Quality Control Procedures

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and regulatory standards.

From concept to completion, we follow established procedures designed to ensure every project detail is accounted for, including design reviews conducted by senior-level engineers, multi-point control panel build inspections, and thorough testing to verify quality and functionality.

Occident Eures Europa maintains rigorous quality standards, working to ISO standards. As professional control panel manufacturers, we are dedicated to offering the highest level of control panel design, using superior quality equipment. All Control Panels are made in compliance with European Legislation. 

Industrial electrical installation and maintenance

Occident Eures Europa undertakes electrical work for factories, buildings and warehouses of all sizes. No matter where you are located around the world, we can install your electrical equipment and carry out subsequent maintenance work.

We can also design or upgrade your existing electrical system to make sure that you have lower power consumption. Our electricians use the newest tools to produce designs that suit your standards and building requirements. We represent clients throughout Europe and around the world.

Let us know the details and/or materials you require and we will provide a solution for your Control Panel requirements, whatever the industry or business you are in. Call us to discuss the details or fill out our contact form to get in touch.