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The leading manufacturer of industrial control panels in Europe!

Occident Eures Europa is a well-established manufacturer of Industrial Control Panels & Automated Systems, based in Satu Mare, Romania. We have a professional team of engineers with a wide range of expertise in the design, installation and commissioning of both Electrical Control Panels and Motor Control Centers, for use in various industrial applications.
We have a fully integrated, modern manufacturing facility with an experienced and talented workforce that can produce control panels of all forms and sizes, from small individual Control Panels to a complete suite of Control Panels designed according to your requirement by our in-house design team.

Apart from manufacturing high-quality control panels for your industrial or commercial facility, we can also build electrical drawings along with providing exceptional electrician and maintenance services for your project. 

The best part - we offer our services throughout Europe and around the globe.

State of the art manufacturing process

Our design team provides a full consultancy service, undertaking a detailed assessment of your project, making recommendations and modifications where necessary. All our Control Panels are manufactured in our workshops by professional tradesmen of the highest quality, using good quality materials and components.

Here at Occident Eures Europa, we are proud of our standard of work and customer relations. We agree that quality standards, reliability and fast thinking all at an affordable price are the essentials to attracting and retaining our respected customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize our years of learning and knowledge in electrical engineering to provide value-added electrical products and services in design, manufacturing, installation and distribution to transformation and manufacturing organizations in Europe and all other parts of the world.

Our Vision

After several years working in the electrical industry, Ana Bodea and Claudiu Chereches started Occident Eures Europa with a shared vision – to become a market-leading electrical installation service provider of control panels, automation controls and electrical installations, supplying top quality electrical services, coupled with an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction.

Claudiu Chereches - CTO ( Tehnical Director )

Ana Bodea - CEO ( Executive Director )

What Sets Us Apart

With hundreds of control systems manufacturers to choose from, these are some of the reasons why Occident Eures Europa is the right choice for your project

Highly Trained & Experienced Team

By choosing Occident Eures Europa for your project, you are electing to work with a team of highly trained engineers with years of experience in designing, building and implementing control panels across a broad range of industries. This experience enables us to accurately assess your industrial or commercial project and recommend the optimal solution to meet your requirements while having the foresight to identify potential challenges and how to best overcome them.

Detail Oriented

When details are overlooked, projects can go wrong, leading to unexpected change orders, schedule delays and extra expenses. We take the necessary steps to avoid these issues by diligently reviewing project documents and specifications, regularly communicating with our clients, and following established procedures to ensure we don’t miss important details. Through our detail-oriented approach, we have earned our clients’ trust, resulting in the majority of our projects coming from repeat business.

Professionalism & Responsiveness

We approach every project with a professional attitude that reflects our level of expertise, experience and capabilities. Whenever you interact with an Occident Eures Europa representative, you will be treated with courteousness and care, while receiving knowledgeable information that assists you with your goals. Additionally, we do our best to reply to all correspondence quickly and will keep you informed throughout the entire course of your project. Above all else, you will never be left wondering how your project is progressing or questioning what exactly we are providing.

Qualified & Well-Resourced Team

Occident Eures Europa employs only the top talent in the market including control systems engineers, control panel technicians, as well as licensed electricians. Several of our engineers hold certifications from the largest firms in the industry. To stay up-to-date with current technologies and to maintain their qualifications, we provide internal training to all our engineers conducted by senior engineering staff and upper-management.

On-Schedule & On-Budget

We follow an established set of methods and procedures to ensure consistent quality, prevent delays or miscommunications, and successfully execute projects according to your budget. Our procedures start from the initial contact with a prospective client and continue through delivery, system start-up, and post-project services. During the engineering phase of a project, multiple design reviews are conducted by a Senior Engineer to check for compliance with standards and the project requirements.

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering team has extensive experience in manufacturing control panels that utilize hardware and software components from virtually all major manufacturers. This experience enables us to make recommendations on the technologies that will be best suited for your application. In addition, our engineering team has a breadth of capabilities from electrical design to installation and maintenance.

Capacity & Equipment

Our huge engineering and manufacturing facility in Satu Mare, Romania provides us with the capacity to execute a project of any size while adhering to strict schedule requirements. Our automated tooling, which includes state of the art equipment, enables us to streamline panel build times while providing repeatable quality on every project.

Proven Track Record

Occident Eures Europa has successfully completed hundreds of projects, which has resulted in numerous repeat clients, long-standing relationships with multiple OEM partners, and mutually supportive partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers

Thorough Documentation

Documentation is an important aspect of every project that is often overlooked or poorly developed. At Occident Eures Europa, we pride ourselves on delivering thorough documentation that provides complete system detail to make operating, maintenance and troubleshooting more efficient. Our documentation capabilities include control panel layout drawings, wiring schematics, network drawings, the sequence of operations, functional specs, certificates of conformity, certificates of origin and all types of electrical drawings for your project. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and aftersales allows us to offer high-quality solutions that are sure to meet your budget and performance goals.
Get in touch with Occident Eures Europa today for all your electrical and control panel needs.